What is pax in seattle

Gamers worry about security at PAX West in Seattle in wake of Florida shooting

Fans will fly in from all over the world to attend the big gaming event at the Washington State Convention Center. Danger warning: Live military ammo washing up on Wash. It's a huge festival for tabletop, video game, and PC gamers with plenty to see. Critics argue that because of big crowds, PAX West organizers should consider metal detectors. But some wonder about security.

what is pax in seattle

News In Pictures. One gamer tweeted that the security at PAX West is too laxed.

what is pax in seattle

Dangerous-driving crackdown underway on I-5. FDA warns common flea and tick meds linked to neurological problems in dogs and cats.

Right across the street is Gameworks, a place that hopes to see a lot of gamers stop by. It's benefited from PAX's big crowds, and is stepping up its own security.

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Federal Way sent homeless to Seattle during snow storms. Meanwhile, Seattle Police said like every year, they will have uniformed and plain-clothes officers keeping a close eye on the Convention Center.

what is pax in seattle

Seattle police investigating fatal hit and run involving bicyclist. He went last year too.

Heading to PAX West in Seattle? Here’s what Xbox has planned for you

On the heels of a deadly shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla. Seattle man gets 19 years for killing wife during Uber ride.

Amtrak train stranded in Oregon due to snow, fallen trees. Drunk Kent city employee driving city vehicle hits, kills pedestrian. PAX West organizers said they can't elaborate on their security plans. Proposed bill would require proof of insurance before renewing car tabs. It is the ultimate place to be for video game fans. The enforcers, the volunteer security, they do a good job of keeping everything in line.

what is pax in seattle