What it means to have good manners

what it means to have good manners

After the introduction, greet the other person and say something like "How do you do? One I would like to add that I have become very aware of recently is that it is extremely rude not to acknowledge the illness, injury or other misfortune of an acquaintance, friend or family member.

what it means to have good manners

You should try to, yes. Might I add that it's rude to talk on a cell phone while driving? The human being who lives only for himself reaps nothing but unhappiness.


If you need to share something personal while out in public, lower your voice or try to find someplace private to talk. Manners, or lack thereof, does have a lasting impact, and goes beyond the individual with whom you interact in that moment.

what it means to have good manners

If someone holds a door, say thank you. You don't need to go into details. Okay--so what kinds of excuses are unacceptable to use for getting out of things?

What Are Good Manners? A Quick Guide

If you're really upset, stop engaging. That woman had class and manners!

what it means to have good manners

Try again... I saw an advert in the local paper for a shop assistant; is that position still open? People don't expect you to drop in and visit at these times, unless it is arranged.

Trying to enter an elevator before allowing people to exit exhibits poor manners and slows the entire process. Oh, my gosh!! I'm glad you liked the article and my analogy! Hi, Sunshine625, Agreed--most of the time, and doing the best we can is all that can be expected. Some examples: People determine your value to them, in great part, by the way you make them feel when they are in contact with you.

I know a lot of people who could benefit from reading this, fortunately none are immediate family who fortunately seem to have picked up good manners I am proud to say. Glad you liked this hub! You should be kind, but don't be uptight with all the "polite" rules. Check yourself often to see if your talk, conversations, and treatment of others is respectful or rude.

what it means to have good manners

Pardon bodily functions.