What kind of kettlebell should i get

However, if you have mastered all the two handed exercises and want to take your kettlebell training to the next level and even enter some competitions then the competition kettlebells are for you. More Videos.

Getting Started with Kettlebells: How to Buy, Learn & Train

If you are familiar with weight training and moving with weight, then 16 kg can be appropriate. The Killer 8-Minute Kettlebell Workout. Well there are lots of great brands out there Karen but the ones that are very reasonable and available online are by CAP.

what kind of kettlebell should i get

With the explosion of kettlebell training over the last 10 years there are now many shapes and sizes available to buy. This recruits more muscles, challenges inter- and intra-muscular coordination, and generally delivers one hell of a burn.

Complete Guide to Buying Kettlebells and 7 Kettlebell Types to Avoid

A kettlebell with a handle that is too thick is going to quickly tire out your forearms and finishing repetitions of an exercise can be very tough. Women with more weight lifting experience and fitness can start with a 12-kg bell. You can also find programs and workouts laid out for you in the kettlebell books I mentioned above.

The original kettlebell I started with is the Dragon Door kettlebell. Enter your email address below to receive updates and tips about kettlebell training and get instant access to the 10 Best Workouts for those that can swing. Stay Focused While Injured. Look out for kettlebells that have sharp bits of paint and also check where the handle meets the body that there are no small nicks that can cut into your hands.

No wonder why some gyms have to lock up their kettlebells in order to stop people from hurting themselves.

what kind of kettlebell should i get

As you can see from the competition kettlebell image above the handle is much smaller and is squarer in design. For optimal success there are key elements which I will be covering in this article. If you have been considering purchasing a kettlebell, you might be concerned about picking the right size.

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what kind of kettlebell should i get

Start between 8 and 16 kilograms and see how it feels. So if you intend to just swing the kettlebell and perform the 3 other kettlebell exercises above then most kettlebells will do the job. No Spam. There are 2 basic kettlebell types to choose from: Next Article. There is no pressure to rush and order several at a time.

Turkish Get-Up This move involves a lot more than just lying down and standing up with a weight overhead.