What superheroes weakness is kryptonite good

His main powers are enhanced versions of what a spider can do, including climbing walls and lifting things much heavier than his own body weight. Mega Dan Broo X. Sentry is the most powerful character on Earth in the Marvel Comics universe.

The 5 Coolest and 5 Stupidest Superhero Weaknesses

He has shown weaknesses toward wood and yellow light. However, the fact that he weakens when he is out of water makes no sense based on his origin. One thing we know for sure is that Martian Manhunter is vulnerable to fire. Be careful, though, because the 1 real-life Achilles Heel is hubris. Aquaman shares a weakness with Namor, the Sub Mariner. Thor is a mighty warrior whose magical hammer can terrorize any enemy, but if the hammer leaves his hand for more than sixty seconds, he and the hammer become powerless.

You know my symbiotic other cannot tolerate fire! The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

Every Superhero Has a Weakness

He can shatter a planet, freeze one with his breath, and melt one with his eyes. The most obvious example is Superman and Kryptonite, giving the most powerful character in comic book history one major weakness that a human villain like Lex Luthor can utilize to try to bring him down.

A superhero with no weaknesses is a boring hero and there has to be that Achilles heel that the villains can use to make it seem like the heroes can fall in battle.

what superheroes weakness is kryptonite good

The way this weakness works is that the original Green Lantern's ring energy was ineffective against anything made of wood. Captain Marvel Jr.

what superheroes weakness is kryptonite good

Venom has two major weaknesses. A fresh take on sports: He can act without thinking. But maybe you can strike when he stops to apply moisturizer. Game of Thrones: This means sticks and stones, twigs and lumber, and basically the Earth in general. It reminds me of a line that bothered me in Unbreakable.

what superheroes weakness is kryptonite good