Whatsapp messages disappear without deleting

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Old Whatsapp Chats Disappeared

I've already uninstalled it, cleaned the data, but it didn't correct. Eat in for under R180: Get your technical questions answered and offer your help too!!! So you have to do it individually instead.

whatsapp messages disappear without deleting

Hi, Thanks for your message. The Linked Accounts feature would reportedly allow users to link their account with external services like Instagram, another Facebook-owned property.

Old WhatsApp Chats Are Disappearing, And No One Has Any Clue Why

Coz, mine still happening for last two months, and I have tried literally everything, but m unable to stop it. Have you ever considered reading through WhatsApp chats, shared pictures, and memories you once had with your loved ones?

whatsapp messages disappear without deleting

One can lose iPhone data during a failed jailbreak, iOS upgrade, or due to accident deletion. WhatsApp Messages Disappeared from iPhone?

WhatsApp update: How to stop the app from deleting old photos and messages

I have contacted their customer support, but everytime they reply with pre saved templates like a bot. PMChallenge - Smart Suggestions 7 5 189. For example total messages i sent to someone is 3000, after some days it's showing 2980.

However, many users are now reporting a new issue after the last bug was patched. Data rollover: So, an slightly misplaced tap can cause the disappearance of all WhatsApp chats.

whatsapp messages disappear without deleting

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