When are the duggar daughters getting married

when are the duggar daughters getting married

Another possibility is that they do it to boost their guys' egos. With the news that yet another Duggar family grandbaby is on the way for 19-year-old daughter Joy-Anna, it's starting to get really tricky trying keep track of just how many Duggars are planning various baby and bridal showers.

when are the duggar daughters getting married

Although there have been rumors about potential courtships through the years, Jana hasn't yet found the partner for her. But things started to change for their older daughters after marriage. The pair were originally planning on have a fall wedding — what seems to be a Duggar family tradition at this point — but the wedding was unexpectedly bumped up to May, leading some fans to suspect that Joy-Anna may have gotten pregnant while they were engaged.

All of the daughters threw dry weddings, and both Jinger and Jill have revealed on social media that they drink sparkling juice for special occasions. This means Jana Duggar is the officially the oldest child who has yet to marry. Jinger's husband believes women were created to help men. He accused Jazz's parents and TLC of taking advantage of her and refused to call her by her preferred pronoun.

Why Jana Duggar, the Oldest Duggar Daughter, Still Lives With Her Parents

Seeing as how they've only celebrated just over a month together as a married couple, no word on any pregnancy announcements yet, but it's a solid bet fans can expect one soon, given how family is so important to the Duggars. Their wedding was much publicized on 19 Kids And Counting , with their "you may now kiss the bride" moment televised for the whole world to see.

Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, explained the rules on Counting On: Joy-Anna's husband hails from a controversial family TLC. Why so young?

when are the duggar daughters getting married

But yeah, it's just not... Perhaps they will turn it into a joint business in the future or maybe yet another reality TV spin-off? Because she's in her late 20s and remains unmarried, many Duggar fans and critics have referred to Jana as "Cinderella," according to In Touch Weekly — not-so-subtly hinting at the idea that Jim Bob and Michelle are making her to stay at home to help take care of things.

Jana Duggar: Why The Oldest Duggar Daughter Isn’t Married

In 2015, Josh Duggar's parents told Fox News that he had molested four of his sisters; Jessa and Jill then publicly outed themselves as two of the victims Josh had abused. They write, "The first thing that God saw which was not good in His creation was that the man was alone and, therefore, He made him a helper suitable to him!

when are the duggar daughters getting married

But hey — as long as she's happy and following this path by her own freewill, I have a difficult time criticizing Jana for still living at home.

By the time it was all said and done, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar — who are openly against birth control for religious reasons — ended up with a whopping 19 children.

Josh Duggar, who is older than his sister, is married as well.

when are the duggar daughters getting married