When the sun sets on the ocean

The extensive views for miles and miles across Geographe Bay to the sunset is simply spectacular and provide an aura of calmness and serenity.

Ocean Sunsets

Kakadu, Northern Territory The diversity of Australia's iconic Kakadu is an attraction in itself, but when coupled with the beautiful sunset it completely transforms. The frequent sight of migrating birds adds an authentically-Australian touch to the scene.

There are many different places all over the island that make for great vantage points to watch the sunset. Users rate Experience Oz 4. The Glenelg Pier is undoubtedly the central focus of the suburb, as it stretches into the ocean and offers outstanding views up and down the coast as well as the foreshore and many of the old homes that still line the coast, dating back to the town's foundation in the early 1800s.

The Glenelg sunset forms a wonderful backdrop for those grabbing a bite to eat or kicking back a few drinks.

when the sun sets on the ocean

If there was one word to describe the experience, majestic would probably be it. Add Darwin's beautiful sunset to its many family-friendly experiences, surrounding natural attractions and rich history and you've got one incredible top-end destination. The ever-changing lighting conditions play with the natural contours of the stone to form a truly remarkable image. Popular Tasmania destinations.

when the sun sets on the ocean

Kakadu park rangers are typically on hand to check you're carrying your park permit, but these challenges are trivial when compared to the visual rewards on offer. Popular Northern Territory destinations.

when the sun sets on the ocean

It's this unique combination of escapist atmosphere, great waterfront facilities, wonderful seaside architecture and - of course - spectacular skies that make Busselton well worthy of the title of Australia's Best Sunset. The best part about Moreton Island's Sunset is you can reach it within an hour from Brisbane. Busselton's sunsets are special in that they often branch away from the typical red-orange glows of many other spots and often have a distinct indigo-purple tinge, making for a truly spectacular sight.

Victoria's Grampians National Park is a destination that offers numerous spectacular lookouts. Perhaps more than any other destination on this list, the main attraction of the entire Cable Beach and Broome region is the sunset itself. Need Help?

Does The Sun Set Over East Coast Beaches?

The untamed beauty of the road coupled with its length 243km in total if you're feeling especially adventurous makes the Great Ocean Road yet another essential bucket list item. North Island. South Australia. One key factor that makes Darwin's sunsets so impressive is that due to the size of the city's harbour there are many spots providing great views.

when the sun sets on the ocean

Popular Victoria destinations. Password at least 8 characters.

The small seaside town of Busselton to the south-west of Perth has long been popular with locals and upon visiting its quaint, charming foreshore it's easy to see why.

Popular South Island destinations. For a sunset that encompasses everything Australia is all about, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than Kakadu. You can do some shopping, grab a bite to eat and watch the sun go down over the water all in the one place.

when the sun sets on the ocean

The reflection of the sunlight off the water and the wrecks makes for one of the most distinct sunsets in Australia.