Where the devil plays mind

where the devil plays mind

I thank You now for Your forgiveness and mercy, and today I lay claim to the power of restoration! The fact that Peter uses the word gregoreo lets us know that the devil can be pretty sneaky in the way he attacks.

Emotions: The Devil’s Playground

This is why we should submit ourselves to the Lord completely. Next Post Next post: The Holy Spirit will be your indwelling Teacher. Please help. Enter the Devil.

When Satan Comes Knocking

At one point a few years ago I was 255lbs. And so can you!

where the devil plays mind

But we have to keep in touch with the Holy Spirit who lives in us. Others get sick in the wintertime because they go outside without proper clothing. I feel my previous blog is needed for 2018. The moment you gave your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, you angered the devil.

Day 3 // Overcoming The Devil’s Mind Games

You Can Step Out of Temptation! February 4, 2019. That means this is not a one-time act of vigilance, but the attitude of a person who is unwavering in his commitment. Do not give him a platform to operate from in your life.

where the devil plays mind

This man already has issues. The Holy Spirit is in you to guide and help you.

where the devil plays mind

And what was the result? Trust your instincts. The very word itself likely either drew you to this article or caused you to roll your eyes.