Whole body vibration training muscle strength test

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From the remaining, nine studies verified outcome strength and two verified quality of life outcome Figure 1. Some studies have shown sig- nificant improvements in muscle strength, muscle power, vertical jump height, timed get up and go test and quality of life.

Email alerts New issue alert. Among the nine studies, four were randomized with method description, four were called randomized but with no description and one was considered quasi-randomized. To our knowledge, this is the first study providing direct evidence for a WBV-induced increase in muscle mass.

whole body vibration training muscle strength test

The effects of whole-body vibration training in aging adults: Lexell J. Another possible variant in this study outcome may have occurred due to pre-existing differences between the intervention and control groups. Effects of whole body vibration on motor unit recruitment and threshold.

whole body vibration training muscle strength test

Methods Randomized or quasi-randomized clinical trials that assessing the vibrating platform effects on muscle strength or quality of life, in healthy aged 65 or over, both sexes were included, without linguistic or date restrictions. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Skeletal muscle attenuation determined by computed tomography is associated with skeletal muscle lipid content.

Although active exercise remains the first option for obese subjects, the results of this preliminary study suggest that WBV training, an exercise modality which may be easily performed indoors all through the year, may represent a useful addition to customary lifestyle prescription in obese women, yielding favorable changes in body composition and muscle strength.

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Corrections were made for bone marrow with similar Hounsfield Units as those of skeletal muscle, as this tissue was also seen as muscle tissue. It has been hypothesized that vibration training may improve muscle strength by facilitating neural control following tonic vibration reflex muscle activation i. Human aging, muscle mass, and fiber type composition.

whole body vibration training muscle strength test

All participants were enrolled in a 1-year randomized controlled study on the effects of training on health-related parameters. The selection criterion for meta- analysis was training chronicity. Whole body vibration effects on body composition in the postmenopausal korean obese women: The literature presents different findings about the vibration training efficacy on muscle performance, even using protocols with similar parameters 14 , 15 , 16 , 17.