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Your Grammar Sucks

Jack planned to release the 100th episode somewhere early in 2015, stating in a live broadcast that it would be a full length movie. Jack, however, in early June 2015, stated that weekly YGS episodes would return after 100.

Retrieved from " https: As of now, Jack has released 115 main episodes. For its 40th episode the series turned into a sketch comedy compilation of skits, and that style was reused for the 50th episode special.

Sign In Don't have an account? A what a fucke?! It was also foreshadowed that YGS 100 would be the final episode of the series. The first episode of the series, which debuted on June 20th, 2011, has garnered over 3.

The series airs on Fridays--"Every Damn Friday", as the videos call it--but once defied its own rule and released "every damn someday". It has also released three "best-of" compilations; the first one debuted in June 2012 at 20 minutes long. He sometimes gets help from his friends. This may have been retired, but in 115, he says "That's almost five hundred.

Starting from YGS 55, an outro song plays instead of Jack simply talking to the audience.

ygs 100 how to basic

Every year, on the anniversary of the release of the very first Your Grammar Sucks episode, Jack releases a "Best-Of" compilation video. The series eventually grew on to turn the comments into songs and "special editions" Rebecca Black, Twilight, Justin Bieber, etc.

The sequel debuted exactly one year later at 27 minutes long. It began with Jack reading YouTube comments containing spelling and grammatical errors, hence the series name, but expanded to Twitter and Facebook as the series progressed.

ygs 100 how to basic

Start a Wiki. Cancel Save. The third was released on June 23, 2014, and is about 28 minutes long. Oh, Olga!

ygs 100 how to basic