Bare root trees wholesale oregon

bare root trees wholesale oregon

Join Our Mailing List. Please enable it before continuing. Our plants are used for large-scale projects such as reforestation and streambank restorations.

Bareroot Seedlings

Robert B. Ornamental Trees. You will find Blue Heron Farm a dependable source for ferns and grasses, small conifers, hardy shrubs, small trees to large caliper trees, and many other woody plants for the landscape. JLPN proudly serves and supplies all of the major shade tree growers on the West Coast with value added liner material.

bare root trees wholesale oregon

Call Us Phone: Christmas Tree Seedlings. Locations Office: Each farm has been carefully and specifically chosen for its soil, climate and ability to produce vigorous, well-rooted seedlings. Supplying the landscaping industry with our large selection of trees.

bare root trees wholesale oregon

We begin our shipping season in January and continue to send product throughout the United States and Canada until May.

Your help was greatly appreciated. Our bare root seedlings ship world wide on an annual basis, with extra care given to the storage, packaging, and timing of the shipment. Ready to graft, ready to field plant, ready to provide an affordable and efficient head start. Jim B.

Welcome to Blue Heron Farm

Proper storage is a paramount focus to insure plants are kept in proper dormancy, but ready to sprout with vigor once they are delivered and planted. Just a quick note to thank you and all the folks at Brooks for the able assistance and insuring the stock was ready when we arrived.

We specialize in wholesale seedlings and plugs for the commercial timber, Christmas tree and ornamental nursery trades, as well as in shrubs native to the Pacific NW. We grow plants that are hardy for zones 3 through 9.

bare root trees wholesale oregon

What We Offer. Ornamental Large section of decorative trees.

bare root trees wholesale oregon

We currently grow over 850 varieties ranging from container trees and shrubs, bare root trees and balled and burlapped trees and conifers. As a licensed grower of many named cultivars we are able to offer a great selection of some of the most asked for varieties of trees and shrubs. We are meticulous in soil preparation and care, including a regular regiment of soil fumigation that is costly, but gives the biggest barrier between soil born disease being passed on to the seedlings.

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