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David Cole December 1, 2013 at 1: Cavanaugh November 27, 2013 at 10: Craig Edwards December 1, 2013 at 9: I think you really Eggsterminate all of the known possibilities.

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro

Listen as a weary Three Who Rule recap their weekend, beginning with the Radio Free Skaro live show on the Friday, through to all the panels, interviews, and discussions had by all throughout the weekend. February 10, 2019 Steven Leave a comment. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest Reddit. The Geek Twins Discuss: IshipTenAndRose November 27, 2013 at 5: I'm sure there's more. Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne: DAYS O... Hear Colin Baker discuss his newfound love for the Thirteenth Doctor!

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50 Best Easter Eggs in the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Special [List]

I was going by the pronunciation, not the spelling - to point out that although one hears "mom" Osgood was saying "ma'am" pronounced mom although that does nothing to explain why it sounds completely like "mom" and certainly would not be pronounced "modom" but "madum" if spoken without the abbreviation, even with a British accent.

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castrovalva doctor who youtube header

Header Ads. Great point Craig. Listen as Yasmin Bannerman talks about spending 6 hours in a makeup chair to look like a tree!

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Recent Posts. Would You Rather: In the classroom scene, the teacher that runs up to Clara, he's wearing basically the same outfit as Eleven's first outfit, except with a proper tie instead of a bowtie. Not really a callback but a foreshadowing.

castrovalva doctor who youtube header

January 20, 2019 Chris Leave a comment. Home About Contact. Video Proof Han Shot First? You really did cover all of them! Anyone can fill me in?

castrovalva doctor who youtube header