Dengue how to pronounce

dengue how to pronounce

Am an Indian... Hi there, I am brazilian and this disease is well known here.

dengue how to pronounce

Pronounce dengue in French Share the pronunciation of dengue in French: Pronounce dengue in Spanish Share the pronunciation of dengue in Spanish: Pronounce dengue in German. You get innumerable discounts on various products in your city.

dengue how to pronounce

Definition of dengue an infectious disease of the tropics transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by rash and aching head and joints. I came across people cutting across doctors, nurses, scientists, news readers, friends et al.

In Lifestyle: The symptoms and signs for dengue begin approximately three to 16 days after a mosquito bite transfers a virus , accoring to Webmd, to a person previously unexposed to the virus.

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English pronunciation of “dengue”

Pronounce dengue in Catalan. Posted by The Third Eye at 10: Subscribe to: Here in India, it is shameful that media personnells in many regional channels throughout the country and even in news channels, we find them mispronounce the word DENGUE as 'Dengoo'.

dengue how to pronounce

Can you pronounce it better? Pronounce dengue in Portuguese Share the pronunciation of dengue in Portuguese: Pronounce dengue in French.

How To Pronounce dengue hemorrhagic fever

So what is it, really? Doctors may know the right way but may not use it as the patient may not understand it when called correctly. Suggest a correction. Also Read: This website uses cookies to improve your user experience.

A Vexing Issue, Finally Answered: How To Pronounce Dengue

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dengue how to pronounce

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