Doctor who scarf patterns knit

This gives the number of total rows to knit. Fingers crossed. This could be a great option for wash and wear without the shine of acrylic.

Tom Baker’s Doctor Who Scarves

While switching colors you get all these ends poking out, don't worry about it until the end and you can tie them up. Matching colors to the best current yarn selections will have to suffice for now.

doctor who scarf patterns knit

The scarf will lack drape and look more like one of your gran's afghans than a professional garment, but it will do if you need a scarf in a hurry. Bill Rudloff says: Small scarf: Cherryl Walker says: And the 4th Doctor would never approve.

doctor who scarf patterns knit

Thank you and good luck! The original scarf only lasted a few episodes, then was altered, replaced, and subtly changed as the show went on. Colours in brackets are for the darker colourway. The scarf measures: I like all the colors I chose except the green. May 28, 2016 at 10: Our Estimate concluded that The Little Knitters wanted their test swatches to match 6 stitches per inch and 5. If not, please turn off cookies in your browser settings before continuing.

Learn to Knit by Hand or Machine

Cast On with scrap yarn. Work in garter stitch stripes in the following colour sequence.

doctor who scarf patterns knit

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Did you make this project? My son begged for a scarf for several years I had never heard of Dr. Recently manufactured lots from each brand are occasionally checked to ensure that colors and quality are the same.

Therefore, knit swatches must be knit to experiment with hand knitting needles or knitting machine tensions to match the same stitch and row gauge from the knitting chart supplied from the doctorwhoscarf.

Doctor Who Scarf

A few of these are also in the aran options below, but there is some wiggle room in the yarn weight. Tassel instructions are planned to be added to the knitting tips section.

For a very in-depth look at the scarves, including Pantone color references and wool brands, there is nothing better than DoctorWhoScarf.