Drawing cartoons in gimp where is high-pass

drawing cartoons in gimp where is high-pass

The hair should be already white, and everything behind the hair should be dark gray or black so you dont have to use time to get the hair extracted. This technique amplifies them too. Now, back to the image. Enter your comment here.

How to Convert Photographs to Line Drawings With GIMP

Tutorial details Category: Colors - Invert I would then add a new layer, use the Free Select tool lasso to select the inside edge of Jolie's body on the new layer and fill it with white. Tweaking the Look While you may be good to go with the line-art effect GIMP's Cartoon filter applies right out of the gate, a few simple tweaks can really drive the quality home. Click and talk back! Thks Alberto. Anna Malena.

The alpha channel is the fourth "colour" in RGBA which represents how transparent a pixel is. Run Filters - Enhance - Adaptive Contrast 2. To achieve desirable results I had to play with contrast of the BW layer. Regards, James Carlson ------------------------ Yahoo!

drawing cartoons in gimp where is high-pass

If you only want a specific section of the photo to look like line art, choose the Free Select Tool from the toolbox click on "Tools" then "New Toolbox" to make the toolbox appear. I found it, there you go: However, its basic visual interface remains fairly consistent across platforms and versions, so the process of converting a photo into a line drawing style is a similar one no matter how you choose to use the software. Author name.

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Like this? Make a white new layer behind all, then you can see the results even better! So I think if you know what you're sorta doing with the gimp, you can come out with an acceptable result.

drawing cartoons in gimp where is high-pass

Worked great. You should the see the result immideatly. Hope you liked it. This tutorial is featured on 70 creative Gimp tutorials http: Photoshop does this as illustrated at this URL: