How can you boost your confidence

5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Dan Chambliss is a sociologist who spent years studying Olympic swimmers and what enabled them to perform at such a high level.

Start writing a journal about yourself, and about the thoughts you have about yourself, and analyzing why you have such negative thoughts. It can make us feel happy, confident and contented.

how can you boost your confidence

Next, think about the things that are really important to you, and what you want to achieve with your life. I remind myself that there are always two sides of a thing. Quizzes Templates and Worksheets Videos.

Learn more. Your Self confidence is only in your mind.

8 Tips to Boost Self Confidence

This is the time to start stretching yourself. Fortunately, the key to overcoming this is simple, you need to think positive. Share Flip Email.

how can you boost your confidence

By becoming more competent. Once you have built a stream of successes that make you feel good about yourself, you can then move on to harder goals. Some can be done quickly, whilst others will require some consistent effort.

Confidence comes from knowing you are capable of completing a task to your level of satisfaction. Goal setting is the process you use to set yourself targets, and measure your successful hitting of those targets. Dismissing compliments offhandedly. Beat that feeling by preparing yourself as much as possible. Instead, learn to break off small chunks and work in bursts.

how can you boost your confidence

Thinking positively about myself allows me to do the best of everything I do. Add this article to My Learning Plan.