How did he describe mayella injuries

Mayella's relationship with her father is very difficult because her father is a total drunk and he likes to beat her up. Up in the balcony, Reverend Sykes tells Jem and Scout that Tom caught his hand in a cotton gin when he was a boy.

In the book to Kill a Mockingbird, Mayella Ewell was injured on herface with a noticeable black as well as her neck and arms frombeing beaten.

In To Kill a Mockingbird. Ewell had agreed with Heck Tate's description of the condition ad injuries Mayella had.

how did he describe mayella injuries

After that Mayella bursts into tears and refuses to answer any more questions, whether from Atticus, from Mr. It's really good!

To Kill a Mockingbird

Cancel Embed. The reason he had to be claimed guilty because it was in the 1930's and they didn't treat black people as equal as they did white. Atticus questions Mr.

how did he describe mayella injuries

Mayella leaves the witness stand, directing a dagger-look of hatred at Atticus on the way. When the judge asks Mayella how old she is, she says nineteen and a half.

what did mr.ewell and mayella say happened in the night of the crime

Mayella says that Tom passed the house every day, but this was the first time she had asked him to come into the yard though she jumped when he asked that question , but she might have asked him to do odd jobs before, she can't remember.

It's now almost 4 p.

how did he describe mayella injuries

In the end Tom Robinson was found guilty even though he was clearly not. After he was done she went in the house to go get the nickle, she turned around and Tom was on her.

Her answers are still minimal, so the judge asks her to just tell the court what happened, and she bursts into tears.

how did he describe mayella injuries

Atticus was trying to show the court that he could have beaten up Mayella because if she was bruised mostly on her right side that would mean that someone that is left handed did it.

Trial "to kill a mockingbird". She tried to fight back and then before she knew it her dad was over her and asked her who did it, by that time Tom had ran away. Unlike her father, who looked like he had prepared for his appearance in court by bathing for the first time in months if not years, Mayella looks like she actually has an ongoing acquaintance with soap and water.

What are Mayella's injuries?

She was on the porch when Tom Robinson came and raped her. New User?

how did he describe mayella injuries

What she says: Ewell remembers Mayella's injuries as being the same as described by the sheriff.