How do mafia speak

It is a means of vouching for the underworld credentials of another person.

how do mafia speak

A murder method in which the victim is subdued by several gangsters while another jams an ice pick through the victim's eardrum and into the brain. L Lamming it — Going on the run. To sell off swag.

How to Talk Like a Soprano Family Member

N Return. Shylock business: So you want to be in the fratellanza?

how do mafia speak

Of course, the underworld always changes and evolves, as does its language. The term emphasizes a link between the Mafia and Sicily's displaced old aristocracy. Likewise, a drop is a location where numbers runners turn in their receipts.

How to speak like a mafia boss

Nickname for the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Mafia family. It revels in the use of mobspeak, a street language that employs bastardized Italian-American forms of Italian words.


The HBO television series The Sopranos, widely regarded as one of the best television series of all time, ran for 86 episodes and greatly impacted how Italian-Americans are viewed. Also the money paid by organized criminal groups in bribes to law enforcement. Tax-free gambling profits, as in the money taken that is not reported to the IRS.

American Mafia History Website

Pump and dump: The basic unit of the Mafia society. You need some help? The natural remedy everyone needs View all Close. Loan sharks often arrange payment terms that never reduce the loan principal. E Return.

how do mafia speak

Resolve a dispute. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. This practice was once a requirement for induction into the Mafia, although this ritual is no longer as widespread. A law enforcement officer who is tracking an individual's movement.

how do mafia speak