How does infinite reflection work sheet

I hope you enjoyed learning about how to build one of these mirrors; I definitely enjoyed making it! As you can see in the diagram, another version of this Snack involves making two holes in one of the mirrors—one for each eye. It's definitely bright enough to use as a nightlight.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

In these examples, we have placed the object and taken the photographs from the center of the angle. Seeing and Listening Curator Statement Gallery 4: The number of complete and partial reflections changes as you view the mirror from different angles.


PamelaH66 2 years ago. If you've ever been between two mirrors that face each other, such as in a barbershop or a beauty salon, you're familiar with the seemingly endless line of images fading into the distance.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

After the first reflection, you see one image in each mirror: An even simpler alternative is to place a full soda can or any suitably heavy object on each side of a mirror to support it. If you must use glass, tape the edges to prevent cuts and glue the entire surface to a backing of cardboard or wood to minimize loose shards of glass flying if the mirror cracks or breaks.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

Fog Bridge Exhibit: Still Life Curator Statement Gallery 5: Use it on its own or perhaps apply it to a clear glass sheet for something this size so it doesn't flex.

You can try these effects yourself with two small mirrors and our chart.

how does infinite reflection work sheet

It's important to note that you will need to countersink the screws into the rail, so your rear mirror is not resting on the screw heads at the end of construction.

Placing one mirror at a slight angle causes the reflections to curve.

Infinity LED Mirror

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Concave mirror real image demonstration /// Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

An even simpler handheld version uses pieces of sponge as spacers, with rubber bands holding the mirrors together. Here's something I learned the hard way: Thank you Pamela.

From here, I measured around the interior dimensions of the frame to determine the length of LED strip I would need. Big Wood Exhibit: Objects with contrasting colors on the front and back such as red and white show this well.

Since we're going to be enclosing them, it made sense to reinforce this adhesive.

how does infinite reflection work sheet