How much is a silver denarius worth

The History of Currency – What is a Denarius Worth?

In 1st Century Rome , you could have bought a loaf of bread for a dupondius , or eght for your denarius , so it would have given a large family a very basic meal, and nothing more. Filed Under: Eastern Mint.

how much is a silver denarius worth

Emotional wealth anyone? Finance Tagged With: The price of different foodstuffs varies wildly both in ancient Rome and today. A tunic would have cost 15 sestertii , or almost four days' pay.

How much is my coin worth?

NumisWiki For the New Collector. Time has increased the value of the coin. Coins of Pontius Pilate. Age doesn't always increase the value of a coin.

how much is a silver denarius worth

Some coins that are relatively plentiful may command higher prices than scarcer coins because the former are more popular with collectors. Recent Price Reductions in Forum's Shop.

There is no completely satisfactory solution, but concepts like purchasing power parity are not completely meaningless even when different types of goods are consumed.

how much is a silver denarius worth

A mere 40 years ago, and a lot of the products have an air of being low-spec, basic, simplistic, even. Tyrian Shekels.

how much is a silver denarius worth

Bill S Praetorian Offline Posts: If you try to compare values in rich and poor countries today, the problem becomes obvious. Demand can also be artificial.

Roman Denarius

Reading Judean Coins. How does that help you?

how much is a silver denarius worth

It could double, triple, quadruple, or more. Personal Finance. Unskilled, medium-skilled, and high-skilled jobs are pretty comparable now and then.

Ancient Coins of the Roman Republic a Guide to Collecting

November 03, 2007, 05: However, even though the 1798 dime is much rarer than its 1916D counterpart, the 1916D coin sells for significantly more.