How to add textures in photoshop cs4

In this Photoshop Effects tutorial , we'll learn how to use the Displace filter and a displacement map to add an interesting texture to a person's face in a photo.

How to Apply Texture to Your Images in Photoshop

In the Materials section of the 3D panel, choose Load Texture from the Diffuse menu, and select the file you saved above. If necessary you can temporarily cut away model surfaces to access areas to paint on.

For some images, the Specular option in the Materials view would also have a pronounced effect, but here it was barely noticeable, so I chose a greenish-white to mimic the color castoff from the green plant life. Clicking on the RGB channel selects all channels at once and displays the image in full color. Feel free to try other blend modes as well, like Multiply or Hard Light, and compare the results you get, but the Overlay mode is often your best choice for this effect:.

Click OK when you're done to exit out of the dialog box. Double-click a texture in the Layers panel to open it for editing.

How to Import Textures to Photoshop

Resources 1 Bowling Green State University: As you click on each channel, you'll see a black and white version of the photo appear in the document window. The bump map's effect is controlled with the Bump Strength setting shown in Figure 3. We need to select the channel that will give us the highest amount of image contrast, since the more contrast we have, the better the results we'll achieve with our displacement map.

To set up a mesh for a repeating texture, use the 3D application that created the model. When you're done, you should see selection outlines around the person's head and their eyes.

how to add textures in photoshop cs4

Click on the small link icon to unlink the layer contents from the layer mask. For these next few steps, we'll be working on the displacement map image that we just created, so ignore the original image for now. Finally, we're ready to apply our displacement map, and we do that using Photoshop's Displace filter.

The Reparameterization command remaps a texture to the model to correct distortion and create more effective surface coverage.

how to add textures in photoshop cs4

The further you drag the slider towards the right, the more detail you'll remove. Click OK when you're done to exit out of this first dialog box, which will bring up the second dialog box asking you to choose your displacement map. You'll see that the selection outlines have reappeared inside the document, although they may be a little hard to see over the texture:.

Poor texture mapping can also cause unpredictable results when you paint directly on the model.

how to add textures in photoshop cs4

Toady I have found another superb post related to color change. Layers panel showing 3D textures, grouped by texture map type. The higher the setting, the more it "maps" the values from the bump texture to create variations on the surface.