How to pronounce cuss words in french

A wonderful, versatile expression that ultimately shows annoyance.

how to pronounce cuss words in french

On se casse? Foutre la merde — to fuck up. Related Posts. Swear words gros mots in French are especially important , since in general, the French tend to be pretty open about them. Recognize the biggies, but feel free to build your own personalized French swear word repertoire!

Top 10 French Swear Words

You guessed it, this is yet another phrase to say Bitch or Whore. They allow speakers to express emotions from frustration to rage. Did you know that over 220 million people belong to the French speaking world?


Now over to you. Thank you, Merci, for this glorious expansion and explanation of those words the nuns did not cover.

French swear words, curse words and insults

Bordel — a mess. Nique ta mere! Literal translation?

how to pronounce cuss words in french

Putain — Fuck. An old school term, but it still stings this translates to Son of a Slut or Whore but the connotations can be a lot worse.

how to pronounce cuss words in french

Allez, va acheter tes baskets de merde! Not only do you need to be extra cautious not to offend anyone, you also have to use it in the exact right context. I am just learning. Verlan is a type of French slang where the syllables of a word are reversed. Designed by Never North Labs. Another way baiser is dangerous is that it can be confused with the verb baisser — to lower.

how to pronounce cuss words in french

Mad at someone? Shitty car!

how to pronounce cuss words in french

If you only learn two, those are the two to know. The French have a lot of ways to say this word, something which bears further research I think. As a swear word, it actually really depends on the way a person uses it.