How to read padi recreational dive planner

Jahnavipat 8 years ago on Introduction. Beginning Scuba We all have to start somewhere... Residual nitrogen after a dive See, the problem is that while science has determined that it is safe to ascend from 60 feet after 35 minutes -- "safe" meaning that nitrogen gets released at a sufficiently slow rate so as not to pose a danger -- it does NOT mean all the nitrogen that was absorbed into your body down there was released during ascent.

You add two PADI pressure groups per 1000 feet, so if you drove from zero up to mountain pass at 8000 feet, it'd be 16 pressure groups once you reach the summit, and you'd be the equivalent of a PADI "P" diver.

Question for you. What does an RDP is comprised of? Steel tanks are great to use, especially when diving with a lot of neoprene.

Reading Dive Tables

Our plan is to do a 40 minute surface interval. Nice catch - fixed: One of our goals will be to work out our Adjusted No Decompression Limit for the third dive, this will tell us how long we can stay down. Just a thought. To many aspiring scuba divers, Dive Tables are scary.

how to read padi recreational dive planner

There will be two numbers: Each of the tables performs a number of things. Scuba Questions? See Side 2 - Table 3.

how to read padi recreational dive planner

Three descriptions fill that box. This table does not apply to dives above 1000ft say a lake dive. Email required Address never made public.

That means one fewer airhose that can get tangled up somewhere. However, understanding dive tables helps you understand the reason behind the numbers the computer displays. So we can stay down for 112 minutes. Well we need to fill in our dive profile.

how to read padi recreational dive planner