How to restore item wow

You could scrap a shitton of crafted gear and then restore all those that didn't scrap into expulsom, giving you a second chance of getting expulsom from the same item. And getting a GM to do anything is painful.

how to restore item wow

Think of it like as if your local restaurant managed to convert all of its staff into automation line. Yeah, I went to restore a piece of Azurite gear because traits were tweaked and....

how to restore item wow

Maybe I'm going crazy? Holy hell what are they doing over there. I totally hope I'm talking out my ass, but at the end of the day, what other game pulls WoW numbers. I don't know much about the procedure nor if they even can, but get in contact with a GM and if you ask very very nicely then they might be able to reinstate it.

Hence why everything going into BfA has an automation attached to it. Blizzard likely saw this as a potential problem and made changes to mitigate it. This is the most triggering thing I've faced in many support services. It's understandably slow as fuck.

It's a significant cost reduction to probably one of the most expensive facets of their business outside of human capital.

Wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a paid feature this expansion with the way everything is going. Want to add to the discussion? Also makes me wonder about instance prioritization in war mode vs.

The ones who pay for all the extra crap they stick behind a paywall.

Good luck wading through 50 pages of junk for each day you played to find that one epic item you accidentally lost 3 weeks ago. Don't soft pass blizzard because of the buyout. I restored a bunch of stuff last night for just this reason, the cap is 50 items, but when i went to scrap them they gave exactly the same results I picked only items that scrapped for 1 coarse leather, and of the 9 that i rescrapped all only yielded 1 coarse leather, just DE'd the rest for dust.

I've worked as a systems designer.


Used it 3-4 weeks ago and it still had filtering. There is not a single logical reason to change this stuff yet they do it.

how to restore item wow

In another genious move.