How to turn on a blackberry curve

how to turn on a blackberry curve

Search Glass x. Add Comment. Consult a technician if none of the chargers charge your phone. Please help me to rework my blackberry curve. This will allow the phone to reboot if it was overwhelmed with the amount of applications running.

How to shut down my BlackBerry Curve 9300

I m not interested to change my 8520 curve if any one has solution tell me on my mail id. Select a Language: I have tried replacing of battery and battery charger both but none of them solved my problem.

how to turn on a blackberry curve

If your LED is flashing, leave the phone to charge for one hour, and then remove the battery as in the previous section to reset your phone. This will reset the phone to its original factory settings and wipe all internal memory not stored on the SIM card.

How to Reset a Blackberry Curve When It Doesn't Turn On

View Statistics: Hard and Soft Reset Blackberry: Brought to you by Techwalla. Screen Damage. Now my phone is just loading and loading and not getting started.

how to turn on a blackberry curve

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. Remove and Reinstall Battery.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Troubleshooting

Try dialing out and making a call. Cell-Phone Does Not Charge. Perform a system backup before attempting this option.

how to turn on a blackberry curve

Reset Your Smartphone. References BerryReview: Check for visible signs of wear or fracture.

how to turn on a blackberry curve

If the Trackpad has no history of faultiness and shows no signs of damage, the motherboard may be broken; in this case, replace the motherboard see guide here.