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Clones of Howard the Duck

Bong" August, 1977. Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe Earth-12101. Howard was able to convince Machine Man to join him on their mission.

howard the duck marvel wiki database

The staff at the diner becomes irate with [Howard, who refuses to speak in rhyme. Later that night, the Dark Hunter comes for them. Howard the Duck played poker with monsters Earth-74121. Howard was eventually realized to have been the "Drake" who had vanished a few years back. Paul is shot and left in a coma, and Winda, abandoned by Paul and Iris, is apparently raped by a hobo.

Howard the Duck

Howard found Machine Man drunk and depressed for his girlfriend Jocasta went back to her former husband Ultron. Howard manages to dispel them using the Farce through his gun incapacitating them all. Jonah Jameson. Howard the Duck 4 "Sleep of the... Z'ien Mojoworld Mojoverse.

Howard the Duck (Earth-58470)

Howard the Duck Howard the Duck mutated Earth-88011. Start a Wiki. Last Gun on Earth Earth-11080. The chaos brings the attention of Spider-Man who tries to quell the mob, and prevents them from spreading beyond Central Park, while Howard is chased after by some anti-fad goons who think he's trying to perpetuate a fad himself.

howard the duck marvel wiki database

Howard vanished from his home world when the power hungry demon Thog the Nether-Spawn used his magic to cause the interdimensional cosmic axis to shift. The Daydreamers duck down an alleyway and stealthily make their way towards Howard's home.

howard the duck marvel wiki database

The Dark Hunter tracks them down and they soon realize what the Hunter actually is — he is the living embodiment of Franklin Richard's repressed emotions. Howard the Chicken Howard the Chicken Earth-2920. Suddenly, Artie begins to distrust Franklin. His most notable arch nemesis was Doctor Bong. Howard and Spider-Ham were sent home before the burp, disrupted Doom's weapon, which was the perfect synthesis between science and magic and with which he had intended to conquer the world.

howard the duck marvel wiki database

Marvel Cinematic Universe Earth-199999. They look around in shock and awe as they see a large bronze statue of Howard the Duck in the town square. The cult wants him because he has part of the Nexus of All Realities, which shattered during Heroes Reborn , inside him, which he knows because it is making him nauseous.