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The daughter of Dan Dwyer, a Roswell firefighter in , has said her father saw three of the aliens at the crash site.

When pressed by his. The crash site, which is about 75 miles away from Roswell, is one of the most sought-after locations in New Mexico. In , Stanton Friedman re-entered the scene with his own book Crash at Corona, co-authored with Don Berliner — an author of books on space. Nevertheless, there are still people who subscribe to the UFO theory, and hundreds of thousands of curiosity seekers visit Roswell and the crash site every year.

Inchbracken: The Story of a Fama Clamosa by Robert Cleland

Residents will finally get the chance to check out the historic UFO crash site this summer. For the first time in over 70 years, the site will be open. To date, there are three widely acclaimed crash sites, each with its own The site of the Roswell Incident, depending on whom you believe, is either 30 miles. When you set foot in Roswell in southern New Mexico, there's one thing that stands out — aliens.

The Roswell incident: Roswell has become the most publicized of all alleged UFO incidents. Tauzahn In Pictures.