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I could use a drink or ten. Robert From Abney Park. I piggyback on trips with family and friends bcuz I always have much more self control with I'm with others.

however much i booze livejournal

My boss Sophiea would mix that crap with gratefruit juice, oragne juice and serve it to my familly when they came to see me.. I have to tell the story of my life to keep from being thrown out there and then.

The booze wasn't part of the contract!

That's a bummer. Last time I went I got a super soft bathrobe, lidocaine patches, and an electric blanket.

however much i booze livejournal

Most important things to know about it: The words aren't real, at least not according to my Oxford Russian dictionary. I don't need your first born.

however much i booze livejournal

Profile User: But at the end of the orgy, the real cancer still lies untackled deep in the heart. Tell us where the friend got it Pweease??? But hey, good info though so I don't think he'll complain too terribly loudly. I see it as a place for big families. Ouzo, grapefruit juice, and orange juice?

The Who - 06 - However Much I Booze

Costco is a death trap. I'm glad I have a business membership and can get in an hour earlier, way before the samples start coming out.

However Much I Booze

My ego will just confuse me Some day it's going to up and use me Fish me out another tailor-made compliment Tell me about some destiny I can't prevent And however much I squirm There ain't no way out There ain't no way out I don't care what you say, boy There ain't no way out Won't somebody tell me how to get out of this place?!

Actually, now that I've done a bit if digging, I'm thinking that Robert's mystery drink is probably very similar: I hope she makes me another one soon!! But Irish and Scottish traiditions are relatively universal, with certain Clan traiditions unique to each of them.

however much i booze livejournal

When I got home I just looked at everything sprawled on my kitchen floor and was mortified at myself. I lost my shit. That's nice.

Since I couldn't find a picture of the stuff, I give you this instead: Not so good. I wish that I was brought up that way. However a few months ago one of my cousin's added me to her husband's business membership and oh boy...

Never been to Costco.

however much i booze livejournal