Lsp whatever gif file

To load a. You can call it whatever you like as long as it has a. Once the lisp file is loaded, you can run the routine from the command line. Code without vl-load-com: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

lsp whatever gif file

You may discover that some programs are posted in the form of either a. DCL Files. DCL language looks like this: VLX or.

lsp whatever gif file

Recommended Posts. These are programs that have been compiled into one file to make them not only easier to load with only one file to deal with , but also more secure as far as code protection is concerned. FAS file. Sign up for a new account in our community.

lsp whatever gif file

You may also load the lisp file by dragging-and-dropping the file icon onto the AutoCAD drawing area. So, in this case, the file should be saved as zone. Below is an example: Sign in here.

You must now save the file. Posted July 5, 2010 edited. If you find yourself receiving either of these errors, this is an indication that the Visual LISP ActiveX functions required by some programs have not been loaded on your system. The basic process is pretty simple and is set out below. Remember, the routine name is the bit following the c: Sign In Now.


There are 3 main steps, creating the lisp file, loading the lisp file and running the lisp routine. Sign In Sign Up. This function need only be called once per session to ensure the functions are available throughout the drawing session, hence many users will have vl-load-com located at the top of their ACADDOC. Copy and paste all of the text in the Code: Posted July 14, 2009. If you are still puzzled, search the forums , or our FAQ for more information.