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It also achieved for Metallica something that the new album it showed them desperately struggling to make would not manage to do: Do you feel that the name "ReLoad" does the name justice or makes it sound like B-grade material?

15 years on: St. Anger, Metallica’s final masterpiece

They transcend themselves. Anger is the rare metal album where you you can sense just how hard Lars hits the drums. At eight-and-a-half minutes, Some Kind Of Monster is long, but mesmerising - it truly feels like it could go on forever. These two answers are and were both in the lyrics section. Anger will ever be close to universally loved.

Listen to Rare Metallica Live Show With Cliff Burton + Dave Mustaine

More than any genre except punk rock, metal is about catharsis. In the U. But heard in sequence, the repetition becomes hypnotic. Frantic opens with a series of questions. Kirk has appeared on stage with some of the members of Metallica for a different band. Cliff's first rehearsal with Metallica was on what date month, day, year are all required?

None have ever made a left turn half as weird as St. Anger came with enough hype to rival The Phantom Menace - it seemed like the metal event of the new millennium. First, Hetfield takes off his rockstar facade, then strips away every facet of his identity: Saturday, with Venom and Vandenberg.

Danzig followed, exhibiting another hybrid -- Gothic metal. Kirk's brother is older, and his sister is younger. The Black Album, they streamlined their compositions without watering down their impact. Poll 5 The Poll questions and answers were: Anger is viewed as an aberration.

I am interested in watching people try, and in all of the small, familiar ways in which they fail… Three stars on the brink of middle age with their dreams achieved and more money than they could ever spend struggle with the nuanced banalities of being human.