Payday 2 how to stealth art gallery

The Butcher: Get the paintings from inside the art gallery to a van outside. This item has been added to your Favorites. If you stay low, you can sneak around the few display platforms in the lobby. My usual setup for preplanning is spycams for lobby, hall B, and hall D, and the roof access.

Yeah it's a pretty hard one I find. Bain will start working on overriding the locks, but it will take five minutes or longer. It is recommended to take out security room guard first, to disable all cameras.

Normally by this point you have enough paintings to fulfil the objective but if you want or need more you can have one of your crew members breach the last room from the roof while the two of your crew move the paintings to the van. Jack Corvus 29 Aug, 2016 3: From your starting position, crouch and head toward the building in as wide of a circle as possible.

payday 2 how to stealth art gallery

Theft, smuggling, and forgery have driven an insatiable black-market. Further, if all guards are gone, the heavy can relocate to the upper level of the parking area near the van.

Art Gallery

Going underneath the hand dryers lures guards to go to the bathroom What a marked painting looks like: We really ecm rush if we get detected by too many guards.

Maximum loot payout.

payday 2 how to stealth art gallery

Compro01 207 2 12. Use the ceiling access!

Payday 2: Art Gallery – DEATH WISH (Solo/Stealth)

Try not to run around inside during an assault. And you still need to answer the pager IIRC. Share directly to my status. Remember, the more paintings the better as the days go on, but if you're under assault, it can be incredibly risky to try to get out.

Change language. Here is a video of day one being stealthed: Designate one player who is mic'ed as your scout.

payday 2 how to stealth art gallery

Train Heist. The Dentist. Do notice the fact that guards notice damaged cameras, but TITAN cameras which are in Death Wish only cannot get destroyed, so taking out security room guard is a recommended option!

If he's the only one, he won't see you at first; however, there can be up to three guards in there wandering around.

payday 2 how to stealth art gallery