Php how to include classes

This way, the files in your framework will only have to issue statements such as this: Here is the file structure. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Home Tutorials Donate. Because include is a special language construct, parentheses are not needed around its argument.

Autoloading Classes. Forums New posts Search forums. Also, it's possible to return values from included files.

OOP PHP - Autoload Class #18

Notice the difference between the above examples. Just about any file type can be 'included' or 'required'. I'm no PHP expert so I may be way off but have you tried require instead of include? Free MyBroadband Newsletter. How to include a class [closed] Ask Question.

PHP - Stop including class files and use __autoload() instead

How would you propose NOT loading all the posible concrete factory classes other than the one being build? Mez Mez 16. By the introduction of namespaces in PHP 5.

Namespaces are based on this simple logic. Is is possible, or even good practice to have includes inside a class definition?

I thought a simple include "filename.

php how to include classes

An exception to this rule are magic constants which are evaluated by the parser before the include occurs. It's a beautiful day chris, come out and play! To better understand how it works, let's check out an example. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

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Think about the time the code new dog ; is executed. Yes, Koeks, you can.

php how to include classes

Test script: It doesn't deal with relative file paths though; you still have to do that yourself. Take care when comparing return value.

php how to include classes

If you're running scripts from below your main web directory, put a prepend.