Php what is json error

php what is json error

JSON is a convenient, readable and easy to use data exchange format that seems to replace XML as the de-facto standard on the web. The ID will be extracted automatically:. But here, there is not much of a choice:.

php what is json error

The included json functions in PHP are not much help. Returns the last error if any occurred by last JSON parsing. You can find all bitmasks constants here. Harry Bosh Harry Bosh 1,874 15 20. They have a lot of issues.

The response helper may be used to generate other types of response instances.

Handling JSON like a boss in PHP

Do I need to write a custom script to detect valid json data, or is there some other nifty way to detect this? For example, using Blade syntax:. You may use the streamDownload method in this scenario. Finally, you may pass an array of HTTP headers as the third argument to the method:.

HTTP Responses

For example, from a service provider's boot method: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Since this feature utilizes the session , make sure the route calling the back function is using the web middleware group or has all of the session middleware applied:.

If you want to combine two or more options, combine them with the bitwise OR operation. The cookie method also accepts a few more arguments which are used less frequently. Of course, you can also supply objects or arrays as values. The download method accepts a file name as the second argument to the method, which will determine the file name that is seen by the user downloading the file. In addition to returning strings from your routes and controllers, you may also return arrays.

Give it a shot! For example, you may use the header method to add a series of headers to the response before sending it back to the user: You may do so by using the global back helper function.

php what is json error

No error has occurred. Invalid or malformed JSON. If you expect a very large nested JSON document, you can limit the recursion depth to a certain level. By the way, you may also want to check out my primer about Exceptions in PHP!

For example, you may use the cookie method to generate a cookie and fluently attach it to the response instance like so: