Screen printing how many colours

screen printing how many colours

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It can produce some excellent imagery but requires some experience in artwork creation. This will also produce a softer feeling print when printed directly onto the garment.

There are a few different ways of reproducing artwork when you screen print tee shirts or any other garment. The more dots a halftone has the more detailed and crisp it will look. It's actually quite a bit of work! In reality only four color process printing done by lithography or similar printing processes create the traditional "rosebud" associated with process printing.

screen printing how many colours

Catspit Social Media youtube facebook twitter linkedin flicker. These tones can range all the way from a solid spot to a very fine halftone of the same color.

Screenprinting Equipment From Catspit Productions. It is important to have a decent understanding of the processes used as a screen printer.

screen printing how many colours

Resolution or image clarity will depend on the lines per inch used in the dot pattern. This is so that the amount of any color showing in the final print will depend on the amount of ink laid down for each or the 3 primary colors.

screen printing how many colours

This process can actually be more expensive than process printing because it can require complex artwork and the addition of many screens. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

screen printing how many colours

As many spot colors may be added as needed but limited additions are recommended. That means that some areas will be screened over or under others with differing dot patterns to achieve certain shades. Here's an infographic from shopworks.

You should mention that in the example given by user1076802 it is also possible to design in full color first THEN separate in 9 films if the whole process is done in computer.

Here we take a full color photograph or image and break it down into its four constituent colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Full tone color photographs may be printed as a 1 color halftone. Here we can take a single color of ink and make it appear as two shades or more of the same color.