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The series also updates plenty of older Holmes tropes, making Watson's admiring stories of Holmes a blog and visualizing Holmes' flashes of insight with a web-friendly word cloud.

And mistakes were definitely made this year: Or did Cohen not worry that everything on the page was not particularly funny because stars Will Ferrell and John C. So basically if you can write a remotely plausible monologue in which someone throws around a bunch of really specific details about a first-degree murder, you can write your own ticket this year.

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It took two entire credited directors to craft a film that flails about from set piece to set piece without ever landing on a point; all they had to do was let us watch Misty Copeland dance for two hours, but no.

This wrongheaded John Travolta biopic about the legendary gangster was so haphazardly thrown together that it became an easy whipping boy for the few people mostly film critics who bothered to watch it. The Mentalist's Patrick Jane is a consulting detective who works with the California Bureau of Investigation when the Bureau can't solve a case, he reads crime scenes like board books, and is kind of a smartass.

The series was passed over for a pickup by CBS and then picked up by Fox. If there's one criticism that can be leveled against Sherlock pretty convincingly, it's that the show indulges in a certain amount of sexism. Grace Hart Hall , who pushes him to have Holmes treat him like a co-detective and not merely a sidekick, while Holmes is smitten by Millie Lauren Lapkus , who has apparently been raised by feral cats. Abrams-style subplots about people who learn things about themselves and how to love life in the midst of death?

No Fewer Than 5 Shows Inspired by Sherlock Holmes Find Homes on TV

The results are singularly awful, but there are three people who can emerge unscathed from this fiasco: The irreverence for the source material, though, gives the series some of its coolest moments: Our last one is kind of layup: And that's not even counting the Robert Downey, Jr.

Morgan is immortal and gets killed all the time to figure out exactly how the crime was committed. Elementary does quite a bit better on that score, and it's been leaning pretty hard on contemporary spycraft in recent episodes. The more things change, huh?

Maybe it's just that the grass is always greener, but this really does look like a good choice for a broadcast-friendly version of the character with a procedural hook that can take the character a long way.

This, of course, was the legal battle between Sherlockian Leslie S. And hey, there's been a recent war in Afghanistan! Reilly would somehow will this painful material into amusement merely by showing up on set?

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A shadowy cabal of influential media barons went to war with a lone mastermind earlier this year in the court.