Sighting in rifle scopes how to

sighting in rifle scopes how to

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How to Properly Zero a Rifle in Five Steps

Assuming that the scope has been adjusted close enough to hit somewhere on paper, we will move up a target to the 100-yard distance. Venezuela Survival: It is hard to imagine an ethical and responsible hunter without an adequately sighted rifle.

sighting in rifle scopes how to

More Resources. So of course, it is completely necessary to sight a rifle. How to Be Homeless and Survive. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

Shooting Accuracy: Sighting A Rifle Scope in 8 Easy Steps

Regardless of whether you get a new rifle, riflescope , or change ammunition brands, bullets or anything else, you will need to sight in your firearm. Buy a case of the same exact ammo with the same lot number, keep it with the gun and don't change a thing. I built a gun vise for this.

sighting in rifle scopes how to

Prepping 101: Now it's time to shoot. Continue following Steve's gun-laden lifestyle with never-ending firearm excursions and experiments with related products!

sighting in rifle scopes how to

Good idea with the laser bore sight, that would speed things up and make sure you hit somewhere on that target on the first shot, thanks for the tip! Check it out- The first step in this process is key. As the first and fundamental part of sighting a scope for shooters, scope mounting can be a tricky process.

After you have firmly mounted bottom half of the rings, place the riflescope and then put the top rings on top of the scope. I've found it fairly rare for a well-mounted scope to come out of zero while traveling, but it can happen, and Murphy's Law applies. Those are largely determined by your marksmanship skills.

Relatively few riflescopes have truly precise and consistent adjustments, so it isn't uncommon to go back and forth a bit to get it right.