Skip the gym when sick

skip the gym when sick

Though exercise is likely safe when you have an earache, try to avoid exercises that put pressure on the sinus region. You feel guilty because you know those excuses just don't pass muster. Colds typically last for a week to 10 days, but you may need as many as two to three weeks to recover from the flu, depending on the severity.

Should You Train When Sick? (A Scientific Perspective)

A time when you can do so guilt-free? Nine 9Honey Coach Latest.

skip the gym when sick

CMS Id: Even the simplest of colds should be cause for slowing down. Stay home if you have a fever, stomach symptoms or the flu.

Why You Shouldn't Work Out When You're Sick

Certain types of ear infections can throw you off balance and cause fevers and other symptoms that make working out unsafe. Pin Flip Email. Breaking Muscle Newsletter. Don't let that be you. Pin It on Pinterest.

5 Important Reasons to Skip Your Workout

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. At the first sign of sickness. Weidner drew his conclusion from two different controversial studies in which his subjects were actually infected with the common cold. If you've ever overdone it to the point of near paralysis the next day, you know the feeling. Working out with the following symptoms is most likely safe, but always check with your doctor if you are unsure.

skip the gym when sick

While you may not be able to get out of work, there is one place that you may want to think twice before heading to…. You have limited range of motion.

skip the gym when sick

A couple of weeks ago, I started coming down with a nasty bug. Related Post.

skip the gym when sick

Even mindless exercise requires at least a small part of your attention to keep you from hurting yourself. Many experts concur that the ultimate cause of sickness is stress. Here's how to increase your running speed. Winter can be challenging for even the most disciplined and enthusiastic gym bunny, thanks to cold weather, limited daylight and an increased chance of getting sick.