Turn down for what meme original back

Young Thug, "Stoner". Young Thug's breakout hit, "Stoner" introduced the world to the Atlanta rapper's off-kilter delivery, and Vine users borrowed the relatable hook and I feel like Fabo catchphrase to produce some excellent content.

On Thursday, Vine announced that they would be discontinuing their mobile app , prompting an outpouring of nostalgic posts on social media.

People Are Making Fake Homophobic Memes About Millie Bobby Brown And It Needs To Stop

No matter how fake they are, making offensive and homophobic memes at the expense of a 14-year-old girl ain't cute and it ain't clever. Read Next: Chief Keef, "Faneto".

turn down for what meme original back

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turn down for what meme original back

The Stranger Things' star is constantly under a ridiculous amount of scrutiny, whether it be about her red carpet fashion or her relationship with boyfriend Jacob Sartorius, and now people have turned her into a violently homophobic meme - for literally no reason at all. Twitter facebook youtube instagram.

14 Songs That Blew Up Because Of Vine

View Cookie Statement. You might not, but others will. Death, grief, and designer sunglasses on an EDM cruise to nowhere. Chief Keef was already an internet sensation by the time "Faneto" came around, but many had written the Chicago rapper off as a one-hit wonder.

turn down for what meme original back

Let us just say this again for the people in back: Lmao they're just funny memes" "It's funny because it's a nice person saying some horrible shit.

But the six-second video app also served as one of the internet's most effective music marketing tools, launching more than a few rap careers and providing new life to songs from already established artists.

We also use cookies on the site for personalisation, analytics and ads. The song even charted higher in 2016 than it did the year of its release. View our Privacy Statement for more details. Denzel Curry's ominous banger "Ultimate" became a perfect, if unlikely, Vine soundtrack, taking the tail-end of the 6-seconds to that very necessary next level. Lil Yachty, "1Night". When they circulate without context, people will just assume.

Mmmmm, no.

But the track ended up skyrocketing out of regional fame, and earning a platinum plaque, because of Vines like the one above. Latest Stranger Things News. Before he was pissing off old people, Lil Yachty was a relatively unknown SoundCloud rapper with a catchy song about short-term relationships.

Drake - Nice For What