Vopak logistics what is

It also became one of the Netherlands' leading stevedoring and distribution companies. We do so by providing specifically developed courses, training sessions and personal coaching at all levels.

Storing vital products with care

The newly combined company reported strong sales after its first full year. The company's Chemicals Logistics division is the world leader in that market, providing total capacity of more than 7. Uitgeverij Logistiek P. At the beginning of the 20th century, Van Ommeren also began tank storage operations, a market in which it quickly became a leading force.

vopak logistics what is

Immediately, Royal Vopak attempted to do just that. Koninklijke Vopak N. Oiltanking is the second largest independent tank storage provider for petroleum products, chemicals and gases worldwide.

Nevertheless, Royal Vopak's market share of only some 5 percent in the highly fragmented oil and chemicals logistics segments meant plenty of room for the company to grow in the new century.

vopak logistics what is

The company planned on especially targeting its chemical distribution operations over the years to come. Disabling cookies will affect the operation of the website.

Van Ommeren, meanwhile, had attempted its own diversification in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in an attempt to counter the fluctuations in its core shipping and tank storage operations. Vopak WeConnect.

Tank Terminals

Throughout that century and into the next, Van Ommeren expanded steadily, building up its own deep sea shipping and inland barging fleet. Public Comment: If the Dutch trading houses lost out to the rise of the United Kingdom as the world's shipping leader, the Netherlands remained a key player in worldwide trade.

Toggle navigation. Univar had decided to enter the European market at the beginning of the 1990s. The company immediately launched a divestment and restructuring plan, including the sale of a number of the company's Rotterdam, Antwerp and other storage facilities.

Univar's attempts to consolidate and centralize its operations through the first half of the 1990s brought its profits into a slide. In chemicals, Vopak sets out to be the interface between producers and end-users, both as a logistics service provider and as a distributor.

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vopak logistics what is

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vopak logistics what is

The origins of Royal Vopak lay in the early 17th century, at the height of the golden era of Dutch trading activities. Got it. Forgot your password?

vopak logistics what is