War commander how to beat hover tanks

They works as a bait and Titan is going to kill ERM before comes to your base. Contents [ show ]. Stingers are better than ERM to kill Titan. Use Hover Tanks. Event Shop Description.

war commander how to beat hover tanks

How to capture Spire. Cycle 7 - 11.

war commander how to beat hover tanks

Jul 31, 2015 Thru Aug 21, 2015. Hope this of opinion. Use Hover Tanks.

How To Destroy A Hover Tank

GEN I. After few months Kixeye will nerf this unit as how they did it to the Kondor and Spectre and will introduce new deadly unit to bubble bases. Shadow Ops Description Pack 3. Here are some of the best methods to kill Titan. These are taken from the preview server so this info is not the final. Undead Swarm.


Spartan ZK. Shares NO Schematic Slots with any other schematics. It's 100mm barrel and mounted stinger launcher make it a threat to both ground and aircraft.

war commander how to beat hover tanks

Cycle 19. War Rig. You have to restart the wave again and again to get the Titan from that direction. System Overload due to DDoS attack.

Elite Hover Tank

In that way they can replace basic unit with more advanced unit, increase the DPS , Range, Speed, change upgrading time etc. Aug 28, 2015 Thru Sep 25, 2015. GEN II. Game Update of Dec 23, 2014. I did this method as I wanted to burn him before his death. Workshop Level.

war commander how to beat hover tanks