What became widespread due to prohibition atlanta

These young men had shocked their families and the rest of the nation by confessing to the killing of Bobby Franks, a fourteen-year-old acquaintance.

what became widespread due to prohibition atlanta

The years between 1920 and 1929 are called the Roaring Twenties , a term that calls up images of happy people dancing the Charleston a popular dance of the period , listening to jazz in Harlem nightclubs, or piling into Model Ts an inexpensive car made by the Ford Motor Company for rides through the city streets.

By the end of the year, however, the Red Scare was over, as the majority of U.

He is suspected of involvement in the deaths of as many as two hundred members of rival gangs. A ban on the manufacture and sale of liquor was now written into the U. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

what became widespread due to prohibition atlanta

Over the next decade, the reforming mood that had dominated the Progressive Era would shift, and Prohibition would become increasingly unpopular. Hanson, Erica. Another event that highlighted the suspicion that native inhabitants felt toward the foreign-born was the trial of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. Although Smith was defeated in the election Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover [1874—1964] was elected , the support he attracted highlighted a shift in the nation's mood.

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Change and Reaction in the 1920s

Perhaps many also recognized that the cherished, and constitutionally protected, right of freedom of speech had been in more danger from the federal government itself than from any outsiders. After his release, his criminal career was over. At the Democratic Party's 1924 convention, some wanted to include a condemnation of the Klan in the party's platform a statement of positions on various issues , but the majority overruled this for fear that it would hurt the Democrats' popularity.

Fundamentalist Protestants felt their beliefs challenged in the 1920s. The law was challenged in Tennessee by a young high school biology teacher named John Scopes. In fact, though, most immigrants were too preoccupied with basic survival to worry about politics.

One argument against Prohibition was that it caused a deep division between the people of the United States, who identified themselves either as Wets those who urged an end to Prohibition or Drys those who supported the law. Darrow quickly determined that the boys, though very intelligent, had never developed a sense of right and wrong.

That meant, for example, that in Texas they attacked people of Mexican heritage, while in California they focused on Japanese people and in New York on Jews.

Hostility toward foreigners was also reflected in a fundamental change in American immigration policy.

what became widespread due to prohibition atlanta

All of these measures reflected the desire for racial and cultural homogeneity, or sameness, that now dominated U. When, in 1919, the U.

On January 2, 1920, federal agents raided homes and businesses in thirty-three cities, arresting more than 4,000 suspects.

what became widespread due to prohibition atlanta

Random House, 2002. Shots were fired from inside Sweet claimed that a warning had been shouted first , resulting in the death of one man in the crowd and the wounding of another.