What does bugga bear mean


WordReference Forums. But if you really want to convey the hard-of-hearing aspect i.

what does bugga bear mean

I just know it as a silly nickname with no particular meaning - I was a bit taken aback by the rather literalist version of the meaning supplied by Keith from Urban Dictionary. Urban dictionary.

Hugga Bugga Love

PaulQ , Jul 3, 2017. Translate if necessary as " ma grenouille "????

what does bugga bear mean

Uncle Bob , Oct 23, 2011. There's some irony in the fact that bugger was a French word; from the OED: Last edited: UK English - England. Jul 3, 2017.

what does bugga bear mean

I think you have all missed an important point and that is that the punctuation in the original is at fault. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

What is a bugga bear

My theory doesn't seem to work then. What's this?? The Prof , Feb 24, 2010. Do you already have an account? Hi Prof I'm so glad you found this definition which seems to fit.

what does bugga bear mean

Hi everyone, I can't think of one true equivalent word in French. Maybe his ears were so buggered he could not really tell...