What is a non arrest warrant

I had one that I did not know anything about because of a bounced check that was written like 4 years earlier by a ex room-mate that was against a account that I had closed. Gryphon 12-04-2008, 05: Ability to meet you at any location, including your home, business, court or jail.

If I was her I would just go to the court and see what this was all about and get it taken care of so she can clear her record.

"Arrest Warrant" - Can police arrest me at any time?

You will find thousands of answers to legal questions. Before we discuss what to do about warrants for traffic tickets, it is a good idea to take a look at the perceptions that people tend to have about warrants and why so many are wrong.

I got pulled over for a expired reg.

what is a non arrest warrant

Serna might apply, but the warant has to 1st be cleared. Similar Threads Arrest Warrants: She could hire a lawyer in LA to appear for her and take care of the misdemeanor case. Sponsored Links. It wasn't her or even a car she's ever owned.

What does it mean to have a non-arrest bond?

She filed an Identity Theft report a couple days ago, thinking this incident was what was in question. A non-arrest bail bond, just as other bail bonds, produces a contractual legal agreement between the defendant and the court, where the court allows the defendant to be let go from confinement pending the outcome of the legal case. Free information on bail bonds.

what is a non arrest warrant

You do not want to go to jail. Immediate service begins as soon as you call. Obviously this was alarming and she called to try to get more information. There are various reasons why she might not know about the court date.

what is a non arrest warrant

These attorneys have experience in helping individuals deal with the warrants associated with traffic tickets. English Spanish. Skilled bail bond agents treat you with civility, consideration and kindness. A non-arrest bail bond is basically considered an open warrant for the arrest of someone accused of a crime. Here is how it works!

what is a non arrest warrant

That's when she called and was given the information about this 'no arrest' warrant. She wasn't anywhere near the bay area either.

Arrest Warrants: What's in Them, How Police Get Them

I think a no arrest warrent is if she is ever stopped by the police they will check to see if there are any warrants. Learn how your comment data is processed.

what is a non arrest warrant

If it was issued in 1999 and she was never given a promise to appear on it, she can probably get it dismissed, the courts have to prove that they used 'due diligence' to serve warrants. The license number, first and last name were correct.