What is csf pulsation artifact

Help Page. Ultrasound Imaging Artifacts. FRFSE, FR-FSE The fast relaxation fast spin echo sequence provides high signal intensity of fluids even with short repetition times, and can be used with parallel imaging techniques for short breath hold imaging or respiratory gating for free-breathing, high isotropic resolution MR imaging.

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The artifact is seen as a small dark band between the cervical bone and the spinal cord. Flow phenomena are intrinsic processes in the human body.

what is csf pulsation artifact

The blood volume per time flow is measured in: See a comprehensive list of contrast agents! Different flow types in human body:. Pulsatile cerebro spinal fluid flow produces ghost artifacts that are superimposed in the image.

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Random Page. The sequence can be post processed with maximum intensity projection , surface or volume rendering algorithms to visualize anatomical details in brain or spine MRI.

Cerebro spinal fluid pulsation artifacts , often problematic in the cervical or thoracic spine may be reduced by radial sampling , in particular when combined with acquisitions of the PROPELLER type.

This applies an additional gradient to eliminate phase differences for both stationary and moving spins at the echo time. All rights reserved.

what is csf pulsation artifact

See also Motion Artifact. MRI Resources. Register free. Cerebro Spinal Fluid Pulsation Artifact. The blood flow-velocity decreases gradually dependent on the vessel diameter, from approximately 50 cm per second in arteries with a diameter of around 6 mm like the carotids, to 0.

what is csf pulsation artifact

If flow compensation is applied and there are still flow artifacts, cardiac triggering is an additional option to reduce these artifacts.