What is my name mean in french

Edit Related wikiHows. You could respond: Search what's your name in: See examples translated by quel est votre nom 293 examples with alignment. Say moi c'est mwah say to introduce yourself second.

Translation of "what's your name" in French

Comment vous appelez-vous? Learn more.

what is my name mean in french

French Phrases In other languages: Bonjour, quel est votre nom? Hello, what's your name? Method 2.

what is my name mean in french

Pronounce "ch" sounds in the middle of French words How To: Je m'appelle Pierre. Kajtek, mords-le!

Use your own judgement, but don't address someone with tu unless you're confident the person won't consider you rude for doing so. Maintenant, comment tu t'appelles? Use vous voo when speaking to someone formally.

what is my name mean in french

Apr 11, 2016. Register Login. When meeting someone new, the conversation typically turns to what you do for a living.

Name Translation

So, what's your name? Say excuse me in French "excusez-moi" How To: Drew, what's your name? In a casual setting, or amongst people your own age or younger, you might say salut sah-loo instead.

Little girl, what's your name? If you're from a place that starts with a vowel, you wouldn't pronounce the e in de.

what is my name mean in french