What is my username on spotify

Go to https: I have full internet connection, but it says I'm o...

what is my username on spotify

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what is my username on spotify

It is shown on your online overview: This is DUMB. It has nothing to do with the email address.

I need to login with my "username". This was and is frustrating and unnecesarry, and should be a point you warn users about.

what is my username on spotify

During sign up, you can create any profile name you'd like. Solved 495 Replies Last update: There is absolutely nothing showing the username or even saying: What was the point of asking me for my Username, I can't even find it shown anywhere in Account details and it won't let me log in with it, I have to use my email or that ridiculous number you assigned me.

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I know my password but I'm not connected to facebook and I forgot my username how do I log in? You just have to go to your spotify account Thru desktop and go to set device password.

How to use spotify and my username

To sign in you'll just have to use your FB details and in Spotify you'll show up to yourself and others as your full name. What am I missing? Search Results.

what is my username on spotify