What is proper funnier or more funny

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what is proper funnier or more funny

The monkey's attempts to imitate the woman were ludicrous. But by far the funniest and most fantastic thing in all that fantastic sentence is the word "even.

For Ben Mendelsohn, playing a villain on-screen in the new Star Wars film was a career highlight.

Which is grammarly correct? funnier or more fun?

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what is proper funnier or more funny

I know that "funnier" and "funniest" are more correct, but I want to know whether the less common versions are considered errors or just less eloquent. Likewise, in an 1890 translation of George Sand, Nanon 1890: Keith is funner than Bjorn.

Some people say that fun can function only as a noun.

what is proper funnier or more funny

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Funner vs. More Fun

Funny bone "elbow end of the humerus" is 1826; funnies "newspaper comic strips" is from 1852. Fun is enjoyment. I had more fun at the seaside this year than last year. OmarOthman OmarOthman 108 1 1 4.

more funny / funnier

In addition to the idioms beginning with funny funny bone funny business funny money , also see under fun. This Site Might Help You.

what is proper funnier or more funny

Chesterton, in Heretics 1905 uses "more funny" in a situation where, as far as I can see, he could have used "funnier": Gregory is the most fun man I ever met.

The Confessions of a Caricaturist, Vol. Grammatically-speaking, it depends.