What to feed a cobra lily plant

what to feed a cobra lily plant

Very damaging, and will weaken the plant. Pest and Disease Watch out for aphids greenfly.

Cobra lily: The meat-eating plant that looks like a snake

We have never used iced water. Help and Resources Quick Links.

what to feed a cobra lily plant

Winter Care We have had large mature plants outside over winter, down to -13C and have had reports from a customer in the midlands who have had them survive -19C! High humidity is not nearly as important for these plants as it is for certain other carnivorous plants, but a certain amount of humidity should be maintained.

Daniel Mosquin , Jul 17, 2006.

What can I feed a Cobra Lily?

I'm trying to grow a small specimen of Cobra Lily lilies? The hotel rooms are also inside a pyramid. View cart. In its natural habitat it can occur in full sun for most of the day and does quite well even in my part of the state Northern Santa Barbara County in full sun but there is the hitch with cooling the roots.

How to Grow and Care for Carnivorous Cobra Lily Plants

Consider growing Darlingtonia outdoors in the shade. Remove old foliage as it dies down, especially if grown under cover as dead leaves can harbour botrytis. The Gardener's Forum. During particularly hot summers here in the Mid-Atlantic the trap tops do brown and dry, but recover quickly after the heat.

what to feed a cobra lily plant

The key culture elements appear to be cool roots, bright shade, and mineral free water. Cobra Lily Cobra Lily Darlingtonia californica is an easy and rewarding plant to grow in the right position, but will struggle if it is not in the right place. Repotting is best done in the Spring, before active growth begins. Gardening on the Web since 1997. Email address. As the insect checks these false exits searching for an escape route, it is led down the tube structure and is unable to return to the top of the plant because of the slippery smooth surface of the inner tube and the sharp, downward pointing hairs which effectively block any chance of escape.

what to feed a cobra lily plant

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