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More content can be found on their website: Shouldn't Mac feel a little bad about- Pat: Why would I take pink? Fuck Bear Grylls! I have learned to fear nothing although it is nothing that I most fear.

In their Dark Souls playthrough, Woolie defeats the first boar in the Duke's Archives and Pat reassures him that they won't encounter any more of them. Bet you're used to that too! An atomic purple Game Boy Color...? Rating Newest Oldest.

In the final episode of the Metal Gear Rising LP, after the final boss' infamous explanation of his powers Pat is only able to mutter out "Fuck off". With my dick. So, Red: Like, this frogchild, all she's spent her life doing is chasing waterfalls. It doesn't go well. What's that? The moves are probably super complicated.

The series was a MST of sorts; two friends named Matt and Pat play video games, argue, and mock the game they are playing and each other. I thought about what a dick you are. On December 16, 2018, it was revealed that Super Best Friends would be officially ending , with each member going on to focus on their solo projects:. Okay, yeah yeah, the game is awesome. You have been coloring this the entire time I've been gone?