Where was square dancing originated

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Organ Transplants: People two-stepped the waltz and forgot the polka and the schottische. This fad is thought to have inspired English country dance, in which couples lined up on village greens to practice weaving, circling and swinging moves reminiscent of modern-day square dancing.

where was square dancing originated

Even in the country, where these kind of dances had once been popular, jazz and swing were taking over. French dancing styles in particular came into favor in the years following the American Revolution, when many former colonists snubbed all things British. One never gets too old to dance. Square Dance Calling: They thought they were too old. A Brief History.

where was square dancing originated

This was not the case in every region, however. Henry Ford organized an "Old Time Orchestra" to provide music as Benjamin Lovett, a dancing master brought from Massachusetts, taught Ford's friends and business associates, as well as the local schoolchildren, the Virginia reel, schottische, varsovienne and waltz.

Square Dancing: A Swinging History

In order to bring his dream to life, Ford poured tons of money into square dancing and country music in general. Summaries from the past ventures were studied and, following a lengthy preparation period, eight major discussion topics regarding the nature and needs of the activity were prepared as a partial charter framework for the potential new organization.

where was square dancing originated

The Mystery of Lake Malawi. More recent times have seen significant contributions by Henry Ford, Lloyd Shaw and many innovative square dance callers. Ask Smithsonian. Today, few people know about the pivotal role black people once played in helping develop American dance traditions—in part because white square dance callers eventually edged out black ones.

America’s wholesome square dancing tradition is a tool of white supremacy

By the late 19th century, waltzes and polkas, which allowed couples to get close without raising too many eyebrows, had supplanted group-based dances in urban ballrooms. Square dances grew out of European country or contra dances and reels exported from Scotland and England. Give a Gift. Square Dancing is a product of the cultural melting pot which makes our country great. Folk dances in Scotland, Scandinavia and Spain are also thought to have influenced square dancing.

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where was square dancing originated

While traditional European form received much attention in the past, the modern audiences have accepted that the most popular form of square dance originates in the western United States and is closely connected with the culture of Cowboys and the country-western lifestyle. The plot to designate square dance as the official folk dance of the country was somewhat doomed from the start.

Square Dancing is Uniquely American

The attempt to nationalize square dancing was granted in 1982—but only temporarily. Although Ford never fully supplanted jazz, he did spark a revival of interest in square dancing.

where was square dancing originated

Comment on this Story. At it's beginning, contributions were made by English, French, Scottish and Irish settlers. Home Page.